Setting Goals and Killin’ It

Anyone can have a dream. Anyone can have goals. What makes the difference between the go getters and the naysayers is passion, drive and inspired motivation.

You can even go as far as setting goals and having a plan to achieve them and still not execute to your full potential.

No one is going to fulfill your dreams except for you. You’re in the drivers seat. Sometimes that means making the drive by yourself; Be truely authentic within yourself and passionate about your dreams.

I’m here in New York City, making the travel on my own. There is an empowered feeling when you truely execute a goal or a dream all on your own. 

The best education to understand yourself and the world around you is travel. New York City was the best decision I made to boost my self confidence, my creative thought process and my motivation for bigger dreams and goals ahead.

My kind of city; I’m in love with New York City!

My inspired motivation to write this blog post:

Currently sitting inside a Starbucks in Manhattan, sipping on my Grande London Fog, listening to the awesome hip hop music their playing on the speakers while I watch the busy streets fill with rain. The people here are kind and chill but highly motivated individuals. Did I say they’re playing hip hop music, because they’re playing hip hop music. #beyoncevibes

My kind of city; I’m in love with New York City!


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