Breaking-up with your Hair Stylist

Being a woman is a lot of fun. One of the ways that we keep life fun and full of ambition is in our creative outward expression of ourselves. We do this with our sense of fashion in our clothes, make-up, shoes, cars, sunglasses, dogs, and yes in our hair. You can tell a lot about a woman in her fashion but also in her confidence in her body language. When a woman feels like her outward appearance is #onpointe, you’ll see a sparkle in her eyes, sexiness in her voice and a cat-walk-like strut in her step. When a woman feels beautiful, watch out, because she’s on a mission that nothing and no one can get in the way of. I’ve written a similar blog post on this subject; also see:

To men, this concept can be very complicated and complex. Yes, we woman all have a little crazy in us for good reason. When we say the words, “I have nothing to wear” and yet we have a closet full of clothes and then some, it’s because we’re either going through or about to go through a major life change. We throw men for a spin and tip them on the edge of their toes.

Lets turn our attention to the concept of hair. We can do a million things with our hair by leaving it up or down, changing the colour, putting multiple colours in, have it long or short or in between. Now behind the magic of the hair is our beautifully talented hair stylist. We choose our hair stylist not just for the magic workings on our hair but the therapeutic bond as well that we share for the couple hours that they work on our hair. Sometimes we find that perfect hairstylist, sometimes it feels like we’re searching forever and then sometimes we have one but just like anything in life, nothing is permanent and too we need to break-up with our stylist to meet someone new who just ‘gets us’ in the here and now and the changes in life we are going through.

Dear Hair Stylist,

It’s not you, it’s not me, we’re just not vibing. No hard feelings. You are loved and the magic you have done for me up until this point has been #onpointe for where I have been on my life journey. It’s time for me to move on to a new stylist who ‘gets me’ in the here and now and for me to leave space for new potentials in your schedule. Lets not make this complicated and just remember the good hair days and the great conversations.

Love and peace,
Your much appreciated client

I have to admit, I have had to break-up with a hairstylist 3 times in my life. Just like breaking up with anyone, its never easy for anyone. If I can say one thing, always be true to your authentic self. Follow your heart and never resist the changes that are occurring within you and around you. Those changes are evolving you into a much spiritedly deeper you. Your outward appearance is a reflection of who you are in the present moment and you wouldn’t be doing yourself justice if you weren’t #onpointe.

Loving yourself fully means going with the flow of change. Let life change you, move you and grow you. When you trust and move with the changes, you will walk with confidence and life will take notice. Change your hair and stylist 4 times in a year if you must and then rock it girl.

Myself, I have recently gone through a break-up with my hair stylist and met a new hair stylist. Changes are on the way. You know what they say about a woman who changes her style and her hair, she is about to go through some big life changes. Watch out world, I’m coming to love you and inspire you!


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