Success is Sexy

The life challenges I have gone through in 2016 are just that, challenges. Challenges are what create character. 2017 is all about the upgrade; to take the new claimed character and manifest being a woman with a set of high standards both in life, career and relationships.

My two favourite words at the moment are success and sexy.

Reclaiming the word sexy:
Sexy is not about the clothes you wear, how your make-up and hair is done or the shape of your body. Sexy is an attitude; the way you carry yourself; it’s confidence in presence, self respect and humbleness in gratitude.

This year success is the new sexy. In order to accomplish success, the idea of the comfort zone has to be far removed. To create dreams into reality, you need to be able to take the risk. Risk being exactly who you are; in a society where you’re suppose to be like everyone else the biggest risk you can take is to be exactly who you are.

Success is the new sexy; manifest a presence filled with confidence, gratitude for life, self respect and high standards.

Get rid of negativity in all forms: social media, people, bad habits. Fill that energy and time with positive thoughts, motivation, love and goals.

This year my focus is on my business and my goals. Its amazing to think that I already have the next 7 months of goals in order with room for growth and opportunity. Success does take time and hard work and a dedication to your authentic self. Take the leap of faith with your designer shades on and your heels high because nothing is more sexy then a woman determined to accomplish her dream one goal at a time.


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