The Artistry of Life

Her Life Is Her Art

Ahhh, finally sat down to write after finishing up my ritual before I write. I have to be in the mental space in order to have my thoughts organized so that they can freely flow through my finger tips. Its my time to tap into all that inspires me and to relax into my emotional state and my vision for my blog post. I’ll explain…

In order to get into my writing space, I first need to wait until it is dark outside. I have a hard time writing if its day time. I guess for me, the quiet feel of the night allows me to narrow in on my writing. I then need to make sure I have taken a nice hot bath, made a pot of tea and have some candles lit. As well, any or all distractions such as phone (to be put away) and dog (entertained with dog bone) are minimal. The lights in the room are dim and sometimes I have light music play and sometimes I have silence (depending on what I’m writing). Today I have silence. In other words, I set the mood for myself.

How I come up with what I write about is a complicated process. I don’t just sit down and say, ‘yup, I’m going to write about this’. In fact, I ponder on the idea for days or weeks, piecing together the essentials of that topic and formulating some sort of idea before I start to write. Every topic is a preconceived string of ideas that was calculated over the time frame of my experiences and thoughts. I need to experience a raw moment of emotion in order to spark an idea.

This week I went to Starbucks as per usual. 

I got to the front of the line and started chatting with the girl who took my order. The coversation just started rolling as I told her more about what I do and why I need coffee as often as I do. As I dove a little deeper into my story I had my Starbucks Barista tell me she finds me inspiring. I’m a regular at this Starbucks and all the baristas relatively know  the surface of my story, know my drink of choice and know me on a first name basis. Coffee snob? maybe, just a little. In the short period of time that I had been chatting with my barista, I had just inspired this girl to follow her passion. I found this inspiring for me that she thought I was inspiring to her. Then it got me thinking; art inspires people and art is inspired by life, therefore, life is art and my life is my art.

Her Life Is Her Art

Just like art in a gallery depicts emotion, a story, an expression of time, movements and the core of human creativity, so is each of our life journey’s. Life is art and art inspires people.

Her Life Is Her Art

I have always just been my authentic self and followed my heart and my passions and tuned into that feeling of what makes me happy, what lights up the hunger in my mind to want to learn more and what makes my eyes sparkle when I talk about it. I’ve travelled my journey with an open mind and an open heart. I’ve experienced pain and suffering along the way but I’ve been very open about it.

So the question then is:
what is it about art that inspires us and what is it about others who inspires us?

The rawness of the authenticity; the emotion that gets sparked inside of us from that authentic moment or that authentic person; a story that touches our inner passions and connects with us on a level of paralleled thinking.

My life is my art, not because I’m trying to showcase myself and become popular. My life is my art because I have created a life full of my passions. Just like when an artist touches their paintbrush to the canvas and moves the brush  strategically with intention and emotion in their art, so do I with my life. Everything that I have accomplished in my life is all intentional and in alignment with my passions, my interests and my happiness.

It really moved me and inspired me when that barista had said she found me inspiring. That was authentically raw in the moment for her to express that. To me, in that moment, that was art and the beginning of my thought process for my blog post.

Your life doesn’t have to be perfect. Perfect isn’t authentic and it’s not raw. We all have experiences in life. Those experiences are neither good nor bad, their just experiences; that’s life. How you move through those experiences with emotion and intention that creates a spark in you to connect you to a deeper level of understanding; that’s art.

I live my life always moving through my experiences to create a deeper understanding of myself and unraveling another facet of myself. I’m always ever-changing and evolving and diving into new passions. I am a passionate girl who sees a world of infinite possibilities. My mind wonders to creative depths and my soul searches to master my creative outlets. It all makes sense in why I chose to study psychology, become an aesthetician and a yoga teacher and one of my hobbies is to write. My life is my art and I live to inspire others on their own journey through my art.

Her Life Is Her Art


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