The Contemporary Mermaid Soul

Life ebbs and flows just as the ocean waters flow in and out of shore. It was over 2 years ago now that I had made the move to Vancouver where every morning I would walk to the beach (English Bay) and I would sit listening to the sound of the water as I wrote in my journal and read books to fill my mind with wisdom and knowledge. My journey in Vancouver was a soul filled one where I learnt different facets of my self as I moved along my journey of discovery. What I had discovered was the soul of a mermaid; a contemporary mermaid.

Historically mermaids have been depicted in many different ways from being a seductive femme fetal in the dangerous waters of the sea to men; charming them with their beauty and leaving them to death. Other depictions would see mermaids as the protectors of the sea and all its secrets and creations of life and love. The stories of the mermaids originated in ancient civilizations, depicting that life came from the sea and was creatively explored in Greek Mythology. Mermaids were seen as less dangerous and threatening  when men effectively conquered traveling the sea and in the 18th century the stories of the mermaids become more romanticized. (

What does it mean to be a contemporary  Mermaid?

  1. Deep Thinker
    Just as the ocean waters reach a depth man has yet to determine, so is the mind of the Mermaid. The Mermaid mind sees things and understands things at a deeper level then most are able to wrap their minds around or could even comprehend. You will most likely find them quiet in deep thought, reading books that stimulate growth in knowledge about the world and the self.
  2. Elegant Beauty
    Mermaids tread water with grace, ease and fluidity with majestic coloured tails and long flowing hair. The grace and beauty of the contemporary Mermaid is found in outward beauty but also in the feminine inner beauty. When a contemporary Mermaid walks into the room, she walks in and everyone notices her presence.
  3. Seductress
    Charm and beauty; the long flowing hair, the sing-song voice. Mermaids in a lot of historical stories have been the temptress for the sailors of the sea. The contemporary Mermaid is just that; charm and beauty that captures and intrigues the interest of the men around her.
  4. Mysterious
    Just as the deepest depths of the waters of the sea are only known in our imagination, not yet explored, so are the magical Mermaids; an allure that peaks your interest and leaves a lasting impression with thoughts and memories floating though your mind. She doesn’t tell you every little detail but she tells you just enough for you to want to know more.
  5. Untamed
    In the ocean, there are no borders and no gravity; the water does not belong to anyone; the Mermaid swims free spiritedly from ocean water to ocean water. The contemporary Mermaid sees no borders in her life; she moves where her heart takes her and where her soul feels the most happy. She is inspiring to the open souls around her who follow her story.
    My previous blog posts have somewhat outlined my journey in my relationship along with my inner deep personal jouney and creative expression. I havent posted for 5 months now as I was taking some time to reconnect with my spirit and my feminine energy after my separation which left me drained.  Water in any form is my place of grounding, re-energizing and therapeutic release. I spent my months floating (sensory deprivation tank), practicing yoga, meditating and crying. Now you’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with Mermaids. I had come to realize, that I had lost my mermaid spirit, just like in the movie “The Little Mermaid”, I had traded in my tail to trust and walk beside a man to live happily ever after. I had given up  my allure of what made me, me in order to fufill his life. The truth is, I needed to find someone who was willing to see me for exactly who I am and not want to change me but admire and be inspired; to love unconditionally without conditions; to explore new depths of life together. 

    There was something about the Vancouver ocean shore that helped me tap into my most deepest expressions of myself. I fully embody my femininity and I lived my life with my heart open to where the universe leads me. I spent the last 5 months to reconnect with this woman; this magical alluring and inspiring woman; the contemporary Mermaid soul.

    A contemporary Mermaid doesn’t need to show case her beauty to the world, she already knows it is within her only allowing those who have earned her trust to see who she really is beyond the mystery.



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