Interview With MISSBHAY; Writer Extrodinaire

From beauty school to gym buddies, dance stars to home bodies, adventure seekers to aspiring entrepreneurs, and to future bridesmaids; there is a certain charm to our friendship that just always seems to grow and evolve. I would like to kindly introduce the beautiful Brittany Hay and my interview with her and her new business venture and how she stays so happy and positive. Keep reading for some inspiration and a look into her world and all things MISSBHAY (



Your blog is a huge success with a list of followers just waiting for your next creative post to pop up;You post a lot of recipes and craft ideas on your blog do you have a favourite recipe at the moment?

Seriously Stefanie.. Just one?! Besides homemade pizza which is basically everyone’s favourite.. I am super into spaghetti squash!

It’s so versatile and you can make so many things with it.. My absolute favourite is probably the spaghetti squash lasagna bowls..I have featured it on my website before! To me, it’s the perfect blend of health & comfort! I am actually currently working on my Spaghetti Squash series so make sure you don’t miss that! I will be featuring a bunch of easy & delicious recipes as well as letting you in on all the reasons why it’s as good for you as it tastes! 

In the mean time you can check out the spaghetti squash lasagna bowls here! (
You are so creative not only with your recipes but also with everyday ideas and home decor, where do you get all your craft ideas from?

Some of the time it comes from needing something, but not being able to find exactly what I want. Other times it’s more of a “I just want to try to make it myself” place! Usually on a whim.. Or when I’m bored.. I love being creative! So.. I figure out what I need to do it, and try! There have been a lot of fails along the way!! Trust me!

Your most recent crafting idea turned into business venture has been in candle making with your own candles. How did you get into candle making? And how do you choose what candles you want to make?

I’ve always loved candles. What some would call a slight obsession, I call love! 😉 Having candles in your environment just makes you feel good! I also love creating! So it just kinda naturally went hand in hand. 

When we are going through the process of creating the scents, we start with a bigger picture of who would want this candle, where it may be used, & what kinda vibe do we want them to get out of it. And we fine tune from there! Maybe it needs more zest, spice, or something to sweeten it up a bit! A lot of it has to do with the mood I’m in that day. There are so many avenues to go down when it comes to that part it can be hard to not want to go down them all right away! 
You have taken the entrepreneur route and recently started up your own business, Atmosphere Candle Company, what inspired your new business venture?

We started making candles for our own personal use and it pretty much snowballed from there! I really believe if you are going to light candles in your home, office, or wherever.. you want them to be of good materials. The quality of air you breathe matters. We were making them at home and Scott brought it up.. Why aren’t we sharing these with other people?! .. Ding! Light bulb moment.. Why AREN’T we?! And soon, we will be!.. That still sounds bizarre to me! 

It takes a certain kind of woman to go out and throw yourself into the entrepreneur field, I like to call it being fierce and empowered. What does being an empowered woman mean to you?

Be who you are. And be free with your choices. Stand in your own truths. I don’t think there is just one way to describe an empowered woman. Each and every type is beautiful in its own way. To me, I enjoy being able to stand on my own two feet. Live brave. And try knowing I will fail.

Wow, ‘live brave’! I love it! Being a go getting and going out and trying knowing you will fail, that’s a great way to look at life. What keeps you motivated despite the possibility of a set back?

I try to find motivation anywhere and everywhere I can, and I save it up for the days where finding motivation can be hard. If someone says something bad about you, use it to light a fire under your ass to prove them wrong, or if someone gives you a

Compliment, use it to go above and beyond to show them how great you can really be! There are days I have no motivation at all..

On those days I have to really look for it and remind myself that hard work, dedication, and a good attitude are always worth it!
You appear to be full of life and positivity,through it all, the good days and the bad, what helps keep you calm and happy?

Nature. And downtime. If I don’t take time to reflect and just be, my mind will become frantic and clustered and unproductive. Being productive is such a good feeling. When you get shit done, your mind doesn’t stress!

Working a full time job and starting up your own business and crafting and blogging, i’m sure takes up a lot of your time. When you aren’t working on your projects, what is your favourite way to spend your days off?

Doing nothing! And everything all at the same time! I love adventures but I really cherish my downtime. If I don’t have down time, I can’t function. I love doing my own nails, drinking tea, while watching my guilty pleasure tv shows, with a face mask on and a hair treatment in..and Although I love my girly days, on the flip side.. I’m always happiest when I get time with nature. Away from the city. Middle of no where. No traffic. Peace & quiet. That’s my bliss. 

With her bubbly spirit and her positive outlook on life, keep an eye out for this ambitious woman and her brand new company Atmosphere Candle Company. You can visit her blog to gain more insight into her life, ideas and upcoming business launches, by visiting


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