Wholy Tea Review

I spent approximately a week of detoxing my body with Wholy Tea (Can be found and purchased at Generation Green). Getting rid of all the toxins and unnecessary build up in my body felt good both physically and mentally. Tea is the new coffee.

How to:
Steep 1 tea bag in  approximately 1 litre of hot water. let the tea bag steep for 1 hour. Put the tea in the fridge and let sit until it’s cool. Drink approximately 1 cup of tea a day. Its at your discretion whether you want to drink more or less. Make sure you finish the litre within 1 week of preparation.

My experience:
Definitely drink the tea cold. It has a very strong herbal taste to it. I did not feel it was pleasant to drink when it got too warm. All I needed was no more then 1 cup a day and I really experienced the detox. My digestive system was working better, my skin was looking better and over all I felt I had more energy. I found it reset my digestive system back to ‘normal’.

Would I do it again? Yes, I would. I would probably invest in doing the detox once every season change; 4 times a year. Anymore then that and I think your body might become dependant on the tea mixture.

Additional thoughts:
Just like with anything, moderation is key. I am a huge advocate on drinking tea as tea has many different healing properties. It’s important to do your research on tea and decipher which teas are best for you and what your are your intentions.

I love tea for the fact that I get that warm feeling when I drink it, I know its benefiting my body in many different ways and there are so many different teas out there to fit my mood and my feelings at that time.

Tea is the new coffee.



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