Interview with the owner of Generation Green

A long time coming since my last blog post. Lots has happened in the last while including my increased inspiration from a beauty of a woman with strength and creativity and the drive to to push a vision to reality. May I introduce to you my aunt, my confident, the lovely Sherry Sobey, creator and owner of Generation Green located at The Forks Market in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

img_2240-2It seems as though these days everyone is dipping their intentions into the world of green to make a difference for the environment and climate change.I’m curious, what does living green mean to you?

Living “green” to me means doing all you personally can to protect the environment, your health, and taking the time to educate yourself about the potential hazards.  We may not do it perfectly, but doing some small part makes a difference in the big picture.

Generation Green, your business, encompasses all things for living green and really pushes the envelop for finding alternatives to every day products we use and foods we consume. What sparked your business idea and how did you make it come alive?
My business idea basically came from personal need. I had a health scare and wanted to make some changes, but found it difficult to find all the products I needed.  I also wanted to be able to have trust in the manufacturers as I was so discouraged by what I was learning. I found the easiest way was getting to know some amazing local manufacturers and appreciating their transparency.  I’m still learning and it’s wonderful to be able to have those like minded people to work and learn with.

Owning a business has a lot of responsibility to it. I’ve often read that the hours can be long and it take s a lot of energy to keep your vision moving forward. Staying motivated seems like it would be a must; what motivates you every morning?
My love for living and gratitude for being able to spend my time doing something I am passionate about.

Every woman has a purse full of essentials, what are your 3 must have green items in your purse?
Swell Water Bottle (I cannot ever have an empty water bottle), Pure Anada Lip Gloss & a Gorp Bar for an emergency snack!

Being a business owner requires a lot of time and commitment,  how do you find the time to balance being a mother, a wife and a business owner?
I am so fortunate to have a supportive family! I most certainly could not do it without them. I have three boys 13, 16 & 24 who have their own busy lives, so sometimes it’s making the most of the morning drive to school.  We do try to schedule a once a week family dinner out, and my husband and I often pretend we’re on a date as we enjoy sitting in yet another hockey rink! I also am a firm believer in self care, and try to treat myself once a week to some type of “me time”.

You have inspired me so much to look within my self and my creative centre to envision my own business idea unfolding one day. Finding inspiration helps to keep the creative juices going as well as keep the vision alive. What inspires you?
I know this might sound corny, but I am inspired every morning when I look at the beauty around me, (you can ask my sons about this on the morning drive and how excited I get about sunshine, horror frost, birds!).  Or when I take my first deep breath outside, knowing I’m alive another day.  By the time I walk in to my store, I’m smiling, genuinely happy to be there and excited about the people I may meet.  

Wow, you truly have an enthusiasm for life and success! I can’t wait to see what is next to come!

For more information on Generation Green, you can visit the website at or if you just happen to be in Winnipeg, stop by The Forks Market and say hi.


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