Being a Leader/ Role Model

This morning I did two presentations to two groups of grade 7/8 students for career week. My topic of course, being a Yoga Teacher and being an Aesthetician/Spa therapist.

I got into my car after and as I was driving, I realized, I am in a different place in life/ my career; I am in a place where kids and other people are starting to look up to me and actively listen to the words that I speak and my experiences that I have to tell. It’s a feeling of awe knowing that even just 1 out of all those kids were really taking in what I was sharing.


I have had role models in my life both close to me and people I barely knew; My grandparents being the most influential. Thought my grandmother passed away while I was at a young age and my grandfather passed away when I had returned to university at 21 years old, I was very much influenced by their strength, focus on the importance of community and their ability to see truth.

What does being a leader or a role model mean to me?


  1. Being your authentic self
  2. Having a caring and loving heart for others
  3. Continually educating yourself in order to help educate others
  4. Being open minded
  5. Having goals and setting out to accomplish them
  6. Having strength and courage in even the most difficult situations
  7. Help to lift others up so that they can become leaders/ role models themselves
  8. Present yourself and others with kindness
  9. Be open to change and execute stability through change
  10. Live a balanced life


Being a leader means more then just being a super hero, it means helping others see the best qualities in themselves and helping them achieve their greatness. We can be role models to anyone; kids, co-workers, neighbor, partner, friend, person serving you coffee in the morning.

Being a leader/ role model means making a difference.


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