Thermea Winnipeg Review

This review is from the perspective of a client, though I do work as an aesthetician at Thermea, I will do my best to write this review from a non-biased stance and only with the experience of a spa goer.

Thermea– found in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


When I heard that there was a new spa being built in Winnipeg I was excited as it meant for possible expansion of my own personal goals as an aesthetician and a spa goer to experience. I was already planning on returning home to Winnipeg at some point but had been contemplating the job market for myself as I had already worked in the top spa of Winnipeg by the age of 20 years old (Ten Spa). At the time I had been living in Vancouver working in one of the only five star spas in Canada (Sense Spa). When I found out that the spa being built in Winnipeg was a Scandinavian/Nordic inspired spa, I was even more excited and very inclined to return home to Winnipeg besides wanting to return home for my fiance. 

My first experience with the Scandinavian Spa experience was up in Whistler at the Scandinave Spa; It’s unlike any spa experience I ever had. The concept of a scandinavian /Nordic spa is: hot for 15 minutes, cold for 60 seconds, relax and repeat. There are so many benefits to this type of spa such as: better circulation including blood and lymphatic system, It helps with detoxification, reduces muscle tension, improves sleep quality, deep cleanses the skin, stimulates the immune system.
At Thermea you have various choices:

For Hot, you can go into the eucalyptus steam room (my personal favourite), the orange steam room, the sauna or the hot tub.
For cold, you can poor snow (found in barrels) on you, take a swim in the cold pool, stand under the cold waterfall or pull a string to have a bucket of water poured on you. Polar Bear swim anyone!?!?!?!?! Mind over matter!
For relaxation there is a whole building where you can either lay down and have a nap, sit on a bench curved to your body and put headphones to listen to your own choice of spa music, as well there is refreshments such as fruit infused water and tea for you to enjoy. Another option available is to relax on any of the seating arrangements outside (bon fire pit area, lounge chairs, swing chairs or bean bag chairs). 

Cost: The cost to enter into the thermal baths is reasonable. Be prepared to spend just over $70 including robe rental.
Perks: You can stay all day and enjoy complimentary tea and fruit infused water (changed daily) in the relaxation building.

First timers: I encourage people to go either by themselves or with no more than 2 other people. You want your experience to be relaxing not a party.

That being said…
Biggest pet peeve: People who are loud and talk while in the spa atmosphere. There are signs all over the spa that say that the ambience and culture of the spa is silence. There is nothing worse than having a planned day of treating yourself to some rest and relaxation only to be rudely interrupted by the sound of someone talking about their weekend, their kids, social life or work life. Please leave that at the door, there are other people in the spa who paid money to relax. There are quite a few Starbucks located all along the main street of Pembina Hwy where you can catch up and chat.

My favourite way to enjoy the experience: I tend to do my own cycle of hot, cold, hot, cold and then relax. I also like to bring a book with me and sit in one of the relaxation stations and just let my mind be carried away into the book. Another thing I like to do is to meditate. A spa like this is a great place to not only rejuvenate your body but also the mind.


Although still brand new/ not even a year old, there are plans in the works to expand and add more. Stay tuned for more great things to come!

A gem in a gem of a city!


2 thoughts on “Thermea Winnipeg Review

  1. Worst place ever. While attempting to go into the first sauna I got kicked out for not wearing a bathing suit as it makes people uncomfortable. I was wearing bathing suit material capri’s and top. And when I asked to speak to a manager they said there was none until I said I wasn’t leaving till I spoke to someone. After not giving me a refund on the credit card I used a girl at the front reception ran out to my car to give me my money back. Worst and most disappointing experience EVER


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