6 Things You Don’t Think About When Traveling With Your Partner

So, I am officially home in Winnipeg, MB. Graham (the boyfriend) came to pick me up from Kelowna, BC, where I finished up my yoga teacher training. I am now a yoga teacher! Graham planned this great trip for traveling by car back home that would include camping, hiking, visiting major cities, museum adventures and a long drive home through the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The greatest part of the adventure is the things you don’t anticipate. I have comprised a list of 6 things I learnt while road tripping with Graham.

1. At some point you will get lost and an argument will occur over ‘who got us lost’

We must have gotten lost… at least once every single day. This caused some arguing and an occasional silent moment here and there but after all its about the journey not the destination, right? Definitely a test of patience.

2. Be open to bathroom talk

While camping and long car rides and being with each other 24 hours a day eventually you will have to be open to the concept of farting, pooping and peeing. There were definitely some window rolling moments in the car and some good laughs about peeing on the side of the road/bushes. Its the topic of conversation that brings us all back to when we were 7 years old and everything that has to do with bowel movements is funny.

3. What to listen to on the radio/karaoke moments

Being in the car for extended period of time can drive anyone past the point of sane. At some point you may or may not start to sing along and add ridiculous hand gestures to emphasize the emotional aspect of the song. You will, I repeat, WILL enter into the realm of 90’s boy bands and will be shocked to notice your significant other knows all the words to all the songs.

4. Getting creative when the weather doesn’t go your way

It was ridiculously hot at Red Streak Campground,BC and unfortunately wet, rainy and cold when we arrived at Lake Louis/Moraine Lake, AB. We had to use our thinking caps to devise a plan to still enjoy the full experience. Suggestions: spa day/hot springs, canoeing, Scrabble, Puzzles, sipping on a cold one while waiting for the storm to pass in a near by restaurant and if your really desperate, attempted acro-yoga and acrobatics in the tent (you’ll never forget the time you kicked or kneed your significant other trying to be graceful in a 4 foot tall/65 square foot tent and then bursting out laughing cause you know how ridiculous of a scenario you just found yourself in).

5. Random pit stops make for great memories

Getting fuel for the car is a must, snacking goods a plus and when  you have to pee, you have to pee, which was me every half an hour on the road followed by a ‘here we go again’ from Graham. After a while he caught on and just started to courteously ask whenever we were approaching the next gas station. He knows me better then I know myself!

6. Be prepared to see your significant other at their worst and their best and vise versa

You really get to know someone by being with them 24 hours a day for an extended period of time sharing memories and sharing the same foul body odor and fashion sense after not showering for a couple of days. At the end of the day, it makes for great memories and lots of laughter. Graham and I can honestly look back and laugh at all the awkward and ridiculous moments and still cherish the fun loving photos and memories of the whole experience. Traveling with your significant other is the best experience for drawing in close-ness and spiritual connectedness.

I’m happy to be home in Winnipeg, starting a new journey with Graham and diving into a new career path as a yoga teacher.
Love is in the air and sometimes so is the air freshener… Fresh Linen is my favourite scent.


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