Lemon and Lime; The Electrolytes to Feed the Soul and the Body

“There’s a million fish in the sea but i’m a mermaid” – unknown

I made a giant leap a week ago and moved to Kelowna, BC for the month of July from my adventures in Vancouver, BC. I’m here for the Moksha Yoga teacher training, which I have been waiting and excited about for months. Its been a goal of mine up on my vision board to go to this teacher training for a long time now and its finally here and I’m fully emerged in the totality of it. I caught myself a couple of times drifting off into thought thinking, “is this really happening, am I really here”. YES! Yes, I am here and it is really happening.

Never underestimate the power of a vision board.

I learnt a lot about myself in Vancouver and I feel I am about to expand on that journey of self discovery while here in Kelowna.
Vancouver is a closed chapter of a combination of sadness and happiness or bitter and sweetness to the friendships I’ve made, the experiences I’ve had and the goals I accomplished. Kelowna is a new open chapter of health and opportunity to learn and grow.

Always keep the enthusiasm to grow and learn no matter what life throws at you. If life throws you lemons, just hope that they are Lulu’s.

The days have been long but sooo eye opening and informative. Its so important to stay hydrated while doing yoga especially yoga in a hot room. It is also important while learning and studying as your brain and your body need the water to function at its full potential. I LOVE WATER!!I’ve learned to get more creative with infusing my water with different fruits. This pass week I used a combination of lemon and limes in my water; a bitter sweet taste with a chug to honour my body and the growth that’s going to happen over the next month. The lemons and limes help to maintain your electrolytes. I plan on experimenting with different berries to add to my water as well. Adding a pinch of salt to your water will also help with maintaining your electrolytes. For more information on electrolytes, you can go to http://everydayroots.com/homemade-energy-drink

Never be afraid to follow your dreams because one day they may just happen



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