There’s Truth in Her Soul

The last month I’ve written 3 or 4 drafts of blog posts that evidently didn’t get published.

Sometimes you just need to write, not for anyone else but just for you. Sometimes it’s good to just get out your thoughts and feelings on paper and explore those thoughts in a way the mind just can’t do on its own. 

For those following my journey in Vancouver, today I’m flying home to Winnipeg for a short visit. I’m currently at the Vancouver airport ready to board the plane. There is a sense of peace in me waiting to board the plane. 

A list of what I’m feeling and thinking:

1. Life is what you make it. Make it beautiful. (Words I’ve lived by for a long time now)

2. Just love. Love is what gets you through the suffering.

3. Drink orange juice. Vitamin C. A healthy body is a healthy life.

3. The mind. Don’t let your thoughts wonder too far away from the present moment unless your a creative genius working on your next big creative project, then yes, let your mind run wild and free. Worry and doubt, shut the door on those and open the window to feel the soft breeze of now.

4. Just be you. The universe always rewards authenticity.



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