I Have Nothing To Wear

…said every girl who’s gone through a life change. 

You can always tell when a woman has gone through some sort of life altering change in her life. We like to outwardly show our appreciation to those giant bricks that life has thrown at us in the form of a wardrobe change, new hair do, make-up change, new fashion accessories and a change in the colour of our toe nails and finger nails. It’s what we do.

so, when a girl says that she has nothing to wear, it simply is implying, “Look Universe, I’ve gone through some changes and now nothing I own represents these changes and how I now look at life, sincerely, Boss Babe/Wonder Woman”. 

Since being in Vancouver, I have gone through some significant hair changes. I cut my beautifully long blonde hair from the length of my lower back all the way up to just above my shoulders. Next, I grew out my blonde highlights into the form of a ‘ombre’ affect. After that, missing my long hair, I bought hair extensions that I would wear everyday to make it appear as though I had long hair again. Now, I’m back to Blonde highlights and I have let my hair down freely to show the length being 2 inches past my shoulders. Interesting enough, all of these changes reflect different emotional stages I was in while on my journey here in Vancouver. Being back to my blonde highlights free of my extensions, a good assumption to make would be that I have found my grounding again.

Clothing… I have nothing to wear. Spring has me thinking about dresses. Yoga clothes are a must for my new professional journey. But dresses… floral, bright colours, knee-length because being short means long dresses just make you look shorter. The kind of dresses that make you feel more sophisticated, yet feminine, yet boss babe worthy (A.K.A. Blair Waldorf approved)
You are an empowered woman on a mission!

The concept of spring cleaning has given me new perspective on the state of my current wardrobe collection. Time to clear out the past and make room for the new journey.

And so, I have nothing to wear


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