The Mind Unleashed

With all my education and life experience thus far, I’m really starting to notice the overlap of the arts.

Who am I:
I am a creator
I am an inspiration to others
I am an esthetician
I am a dancer
I am a studying psychologist
I am a yogi
I am a yoga teacher in training
I am a life enthusiast
I am a leader
I am a daughter
I am a lover
I am a listener
I am a motivator

I am meIMG_4492

Finding your center; finding the core of who you are will help reveal your full potential of purpose.

I went for another float this past month. I learnt things about myself I was unaware of. It brought light to my consciousness. A deep meditation to find my center and my center of who I am and my happiness. I felt a sense of peace.

If you look below, I recently excavated up to the mountains with some of the girls I work with. SNOW!!! A vibrant awakening to the strong woman I truly am and how far I have come in my journey. The touch of the cold snow fall on my face as it lightly fell down and the cold hydrating feeling as I opened my mouth and let it fall on my tongue. No words could express the freedom I felt in that very moment how alive I felt. No cell service, the fresh crisp air, the sights and sounds all around.


I’ve also begun to dive deeper into my yoga practice, this time with intention to flourish my potential and reveal new opportunities both in self growth and in career goals.

Living in a big city, its very easy to get consumed in the confounds of capitalism and consumer exploitation. Its everywhere; big high end stores, shopping malls everywhere, Lamborghini’s rolling down the street on the regular, Botox injected woman carrying their Louis Vuitton handbags. And then there’s me. I had high hopes for this place called Vancouver. I had high hopes that I would find peace and serenity in the yoga culture here; the west coast, Kitsilano, where yoga commercially evolved. Commercially it really did evolve, and now all it is, is overly saturated by the corporate world, feeding off of people’s internal emotional needs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about wanting to invest and open up my own business but it has to be for the right reasons and with the right core values that encompasses health, healing, and community.

Back to the basics. What does yoga mean to me.

Yoga means Sangha (community). Yoga means love; love to the self and love to others. Yoga means freedom; freedom from the confounds of societal pressures of consumerism. Yoga means finding my center; my “who am I”. Yoga is a way of life, a place of grounding just me and my mat and my center of gravity.

“Yoga reminds us that we are no other than this very world as it unfolds in the very moment, beyond any framework of belief.” – Yoga for a World out of Balance by Michael Stone (Foreword by B.K.S. Iyengar)

Ask yourself, “Who Am I?”

IMG_4818 IMG_4750 IMG_4767


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