Success Is A Lifestyle, Not A Result

When you wake up in the morning and say to yourself “I’m up and ready to live my life today” rather then “I’m getting up to start my 9-5 job”, a shift in the way you perceive your life starts to happen. You start to realize that all the choices you made in life added up to this exact moment. Being conscious of the choices you make and making choices that embrace your authentic self only opens the doors to a world that is truly authentically you.

Yes, there are going to be moments of stress. Embrace that stress. Stress just lets you know you are alive.

Success means being complete with the decisions you make and living a career and life that you truly love and can find truth in.

I have encountered a few moments this week of those who have tried to emotionally set me back and make me feel bad about the decisions I have made. I have come to realize that those moments only made me more sure of myself and my decisions. An emotional rollercoaster, yes, but it brought a moment of weakness to realize my true strength. In life you can not please the world and there is always going to be someone who is going to think ill of you. It’s not you. It’s just, that persons life values do not match up with your life values; that’s ok.

When you truly embrace your authentic self, you begin a journey of a successful lifestyle. The universe will start dropping things on your door step knocking and ringing the doorbell for you to pick up that pretty packaged parcel with a tag that states ‘leap of faith’. That’s how I feel about all the events that have occurred so far in Vancouver.

I move into my new place October 1st; a parcel that nicely landed on my doorstep figuratively speaking a week ago. Everything keeps lining itself up and I keep taking a leap of faith into every moment knowing it is exactly where I am suppose to be. Life is about the journey and I’m embracing this journey to its fullest!


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