Spa Bliss

Today I officially signed my contract as On-call Spa Therapist for a top spa in a 5 star hotel here in Vancouver. I got my uniform fitted and reacquainted myself with how it feels to work in a hotel atmosphere all over again. My new 2nd home! I’m really excited. All the people I met today on my adventurous tour of the staff facilities were all great and made me feel welcomed. I’m feeling on top of the world.

I bought a new book today. I feel as though I should continue to educate myself while living here in Vancouver. In preparation for my next big step in a year to attend the yoga training. There are a list of required readings I need to get through before even taking the training. You can probably finding me at the Kitsilano beach reading through the required readings on my days off.

I had a little bit of an emotional set back a couple nights ago. I found myself in a state of distress and lack of confidence with being in a new place and not having stability yet in my job situation and home situation. I got through it with a very special someone from Winnipeg whom I have been able to text, call and face time with over the last week that I have been here. I met this person only 4 weeks prior to my big move but I feel as though I have known them a lot longer.

As I sit here and think about all that I have accomplished over the last 3 weeks, I sit here in a moment of bliss.


One thought on “Spa Bliss

  1. You will be fine Stefanie. Its always nice to have someone to talk to though. Vancouver is an unbelievable place. You will settle in just fine!!


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