A Confident Little Goldfish In A Big Pond… Lake…Ocean!

The day of the big move was an emotional one. Its not easy leaving your comfort zone.  The hardest part about moving is not finding a job or an apartment or finding new friends. The hardest part is leaving a piece of yourself and your life behind.

I got on the plane, tears and all listening to cliché love/sad music. My plane was delayed an hour and a half, so, it was an extra hour and a half of tears. I made a new friend on the plane who was kind enough to converse with me between layover and give me some insight into the Vancouver life. It made feel not so alone. Getting off the plane and landing in the city at night was very surreal. It had not hit me until I woke up and realized it wasn’t just a dream, that yes, this was indeed my reality now.

My first week has been adventurous both personally and career wise. I have been to several job interviews with several spas around the city. I have also been fortunate enough to land a job with Lululemon for their 2 day Sea Wheeze store for the big Sea Wheeze marathon they host here in Vancouver every year. It will be exciting to meet more like minded people at the event.

I’ve been lost a couple times. I’ve found myself asking,  “where is Waldo?” or in other words… “Where is Stefanie?” in order to find all the places I’ve needed to go for my job interviews. It’s forced me to be active and social and really find a way to make Vancouver home.

I do feel like this is my home already. I feel confident that Vancouver will bring lots of growth and plenty of opportunity to come. I have a feeling that within one years time, something big will occur. I’ll keep you posted on that status. For now, I’m holding my head up high and my positivity in full force.

A confident little goldfish I am in a new ocean of fun and adventure!


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