In yoga, its not just about getting in and out of the postures, the transitions are just as important as the postures themselves. It’s important to be mindful of body posture and breath throughout your transitions. The way you transition from one posture to another can tell you a lot about your practice on the mat and how you handle transitions in life. If you aren’t a yogi, and can’t relate to that analogy, think of how you transition from one activity to another. Do you move quickly like you are just trying to get somewhere or do you take your time and absorb?

The transitions in life are just as important as getting to your destination. To be aware of your surroundings, to tune inwards to your breath and body awareness. When you take time to absorb the transition, there is room for opportunity to appreciate the destination.

I’m currently working through some major transitions in my own life. In a matter of 2 months, I separated from my previous partner, got a new credit car, bank account, loan for the debt I took on, started a new job, finished a university class, found a new place to live, started writing a book and all while taking care of myself and a dog. My transitional phase is almost at its destination to settle in my new place with new routines. I can say I will fully appreciate the settled moment of routine once I get there. I worked hard and really put a lot of effort and conscious awareness into making the transition pull through. I had moments of fear for sure working through the transition. I even self sabotaged a few times while I was in the process but I am aware of those moments and can only grow from them.

I think about my practice on my mat. I’m really going to work on and making those transitions from posture to posture more mindful and kindly smooth. Growth on the mat equates to spiritual growth off the mat.